Services Advanced Professional Engineering Offers

Our scope of services encompasses MEP work. We specialize in plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, sprinkler and fire protection. We also provide supervision of construction, evaluation of existing conditions, and inspection work as required for Department of Building signoffs. The Client or Architect will receive a construction document with detailed specifications for new or renovation work. This includes:

Electrical System Design
Circuits, Disconnects, Fuses, Feeders,
Lighting, Wiring, Motor Controllers

Plumbing System Design
Hot & Cold Water Supply, Sewers & Vents,
Sprinkler Fire, Protection Systems

Heating Systems Design
Boiler, Steam & Hot Water, Piping
Radiation, Heat Exchangers, Pumps

Air Conditioning System Design
AC Units, Refrigerant & Chilled Water Piping, Pumps, Ductwork, Controls
And much more

Written Field Condition Reports:
Offer solutions by prioritizing the systems and equipment for your particular project (if required), and specify options that may be available.

In addition we:
Create and seal drawings, file all paperwork as, required by the local Department of Buildings.

Regularly work with Architects to plan and coordinate technical engineering requirements with architectural considerations.

Work in coordination with Expeditors to obtain all required approvals and sign-offs.

Offer construction management services as necessary.

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